On December 10th, 2020, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Regional English Language Office, U.S. Embassy Hanoi in collaboration with National Foreign Languages Project, Ministry of Education and Training, VietTESOL Association, and University of Languages and International Studies, VNU Hanoi organized the Symposium on 25 years of U.S – Vietnam Cooperation in English language teaching.

Photo session in the Symposium

Making a speech at the opening ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Nguyen Huu Do said that since Vietnam and the United States announced the normalization and establishment of diplomatic relations in July, 1995, the two countries have become comprehensive partners in all fields, with the prospect of expanding cooperation in the upcoming time. In the field of education, over the past 25 years, Vietnam - the United States have conducted many bilateral cooperation activities and achieved encouraging results.

The Deputy Minister emphasized: “We deeply appreciate and thank the support of the American government, affiliates, and experts who have worked tirelessly, together with Vietnam to promote, develop and enhance our quality of education, especially the quality of English language teaching in Vietnam”.

After that, in his speech, the US Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy Hanoi, Christopher Klein spoke that the assistance of improving English teaching competence in Vietnam has been an important goal of the U.S Mission in Vietnam. The U.S Government-sponsored English programs have strongly promoted the relationship between the two nations, establishing the foundation for the friendship and the comprehensive partnership of the two countries.

With the close collaboration in the implementation of the Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Project in the national education system in various programs, the U.S Mission expects to support Vietnam to improve the capacity of English teachers, develop the foreign language abilities for Vietnamese pupils, students and community.

In response to the U.S Embassy's support over the past 10 years, Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huu, the Director of the National Foreign Languages Project, Ministry of Education and Training expressed her thanking and expectation to get the U.S Embassy's attention and support, especially in building an open learning materials system for English language teaching in Vietnam.

                                                                          Certificates of Appreciation delivery session

After the opening ceremony, the alumni and experts who directly participated in bilateral education and training projects between Vietnam and the United States presented, discussed and shared about the collaboration in the development of English teaching in Vietnam in the past 25 years, and at the same time made recommendations to strengthen the partnership in the coming time.

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